Hello, we are Home Biz Momcast, a couple of moms who have decided to share the success that we have had working from home.  While we hope this blog and cast will help all moms wanting to work from home, we have built our success though building our own home businesses.   While building our own Shaklee businesses, we have come to learn that there exists an ever growing desire for men and women to work from home.  And at the same time, there exists a fear that this reality is just not possible.  We have also seem many people start their own home businesses and fizzle out over time because they just could not make it happen.

We believe that anyone, with the right company, the right compensation plan, the right training and the right determination can make there dream a reality.  Through this podcast, we hope to fill in some of those gaps.  If you are already with a company that has all of those things, this podcast will just be a motivation for you- perhaps confirmation that you really are doing the right things.  If training is what you lack, we hope to fill in some of those gaps.  If the righjt company or compensation plan is your issue, we hope to be able to lead you in the right decision for your family.  Ultimately, our goal is to unite families through homebased business….  and to help you and your family live better, healthier, more prosporous and faith-filled lives.

Who we are:

Becky Cash:   Hello, I am a stay at home mom (who is rarely at home), of four beautiful children.  They are Mikaela 8, Gabriel 7, Faustin 6, and Catherine 3.  I live with my wonderful husband (host of the Catholicspotlight.com), in Indianapolis where we homeschool some of our children.  We began our Shaklee business in 2003, soon after the birth of our third child.  She had become quite ill and we were directed to this companies nutrition products to heal her little body.  We thought that nutrition was all we were seeking and soon after, realized that this was the answer to a long asked prayer of getting Chris out of the corporate world.  Since that time, we have experienced all of the benefits of an MLM business, including world class travel, significant income and the blessing of answers to health issues.  We are home with our children and can afford sitters for those adult times.   I pride myself in being able to multi-task and joke that my offices are in the mini-van and the bathroom at home.  Some days, I am not joking.

 Cheryl Schell:  I am mom of Andrew 8, and Mary Catherine 5.  We reside in a beautiful new home in Algonguin, Illinois and truly enjoy being able to schedule work around family time.   As a single mom, it is important to be able to be with my children and to give them the security of stability.  After using the Shaklee products for well over 12 years, the income opportunity became a natural fit when I became a single mom.  I knew the company and the products and knew others who had been successful with this company.  Through my MLM business, I have found health and security for my family, never having to wonder how the bills will get paid.

We are both blessed to have had the training and on-going support we need to “Unite our Families though Homebased business.”  We look forward to helping you do the same.