As I sit here reflecting on this past weekend and our celebration of Independance Day, I am struck by a few thoughts.  It is truly amazing to be in a country where we have so many freedoms.  I am keenly aware that I am both lucky and Blessed to have been born in America and that, but by the Grace of God, I could have been born anywhere in this world.  Do not get me wrong, my mother was born in England and my fathers’ family immigrated from Russia and Poland.  I am also grateful for those family roots, but I know that I would not have the opportunities (or business) that I have today if I were not in America.

I am an Independent Distributor and Leader for the Shaklee company.  Shaklee is in in many countries; however, the business model is quite different in many of those lands.  For example. we recently launched in Beijing, China where people cannot even congregate to discuss business without government inclusion.  In addition, Shaklee can sell products in Beijing, but distributors cannot help others build businesses.  This is a threat to the Chinese Government.

To bring it closer to home, we are often asked why Shaklee is not in Europe.  The answer is simple.  In Europe, there is little benefit to having an entrepreneurial spirit.  In some European countries, they actually pay people not to work.  While that may seem great for awhile, I believe that people deserve the opportunity to be successful and to reap the rewards of their own efforts.

So, as you reflect on this past 4th of July, I challenge you to think out of the box and to ponder the freedoms that allow us to be “HomeBizMoms.”