Our lovely editor (Becky’s husband), just returned from the SQPN podcasters conference, in Texas, with one question… “Where did the “homebizmoms” go?  The first time he told me that someone asked, I thought, “that’s nice.”  The second time, I thought, “wow, they remember us.”  But, the comments keep coming.  “Tell Cheryl and Becky that we are waiting to hear back from them.”  “Tell Cheryl and Becky we asked about them.”  “Tell Cheryl and Becky to come to the conference next year so we can play more.”  OKAY!  We hear you.  And we are so honored and humbled that you want to hear more from us….  What a Blessing!

As we discuss plans for our next podcast, stay tuned to our blog for little tidbits of wisdom, training and motivation.  In the meantime, if you know anyone who is hurting in this recession and is looking for a home-based business opportunity, please let us know or send them to the website.  We would be happy to talk with them and give them some helpful hints.  We are so blessed, in this recession, to be part of the ever growing home-based business industry where we wake up every day empowered to make a difference.

Blessings to you and your families-  AND thank you for finding us!!!

Cheryl and Becky