Welcome to the very first post of Homebizmom.  We are so excited to finally launch this site and even more excited that you have come to visit. We hope to have our first podcast launched soon and cannot wait to share it with you.

So what is homebizmomcast and why are we here?  Quite simply, we are a couple of moms who are raising families, while earning substantial incomes working from home. We each come from very different family situations; however, we are both determined to create the best quality of life, physically, financially and spiritually, for our families.  We are like many other moms out there.  We fix breakfast, teach our children, clean our homes and are striving to bring our families closer to God. We go to Church, the park and the zoo, go to soccer games, lead field trips AND we contribute significantly (and in some cases, completely), to the families financial situation.  

We are asked often, and sometimes daily, just how we do it.  We are congratulated for being among the seemingly small percentage of families who actually make money at this MLM thing.  We are asked to speak of topics such as the whys, hows and wheres of building successful businesses without sacrificing our families.  And so… here you have it…

Homebizmomcast.com….  uniting families through homebased business.  We are committed to helping others to meet their families financial needs so that they can play, pray and stay together.    Invite your friends………….  and send us your comments, questions and thoughts.  We welcome your discussion, but please, NO RECRUITING!  Websites will not be posted.