It is truly a “God Thing” that we are back. That’s a term that I commonly use to describe when things happen in life and there is really no explanation why, and it feels right. I truly believe that when something lies on our heart or keeps popping up in our minds, there is a reason.

As the months have gone by from our last podcast and blog, I have kept missing HomeBizMomCast. I love that we were able to share with others, and I later found out that we were able to inspire others in their own daily lives and businesses. Because teaching others is one of the greatest ways to learn, I also believe that in sharing we experience personal growth.

There were so many weeks during a podcast or even in writing a blog that I would have personal moments of inspiration and discernment. What a blessing that was for me. Sharing HomeBizMomCast with Becky as a co-host and co-author, has been such an incredible extension of my personal life and my life work.

So the last few months, I’ve made mention to Becky, “I really miss HomeBizMomCast.” We would chat about it and as we had talked about balance in the past, we would agree that it did not fit in at that time. Then a few weeks ago, Chris Cash (Becky’s husband) returns from the SQPN podcasting conference, and shares that our HomeBizMomCast friends have been missing us. So Becky emails me that we are returning. I truly had tears of joy. What a blessing to return and continue to share even more with our dear HomeBizMomCast friends.

I personally am excited and know that there is total purpose in this coming together once again. As we add this back to our lives, we will see the blessings in maintaining our balance, and I believe the fruits of learning how to be even more balanced will come forward.

So I personally thank all of you for asking for us back! We really would love to hear more from you all in our comments! If there are topic ideas or challenges that you want us to share on, please write in! We’re back and feel very blessed to be back.

“There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves”-Frank Herbert

Blessings, Cheryl